Poster by Yasuhito Takeuchi

Yasuhito Takeuchi Discloses The Richard Iii Poster

Yasuhito Takeuchi, the project leader of the highlighted design Poster by Yasuhito Takeuchi demonstrates, Advertisement visual of Shakespeare's theater in the past was nothing fancy. A visual that echoes to those who do not see theater is necess <Cropped>

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Magician's Home by Cheng-Hsien Kuo

Cheng-Hsien Kuo Creates The Magician's Home Interior Design

Cheng-Hsien Kuo, the architect of the awarded work Magician's Home - Interior Design by Cheng-Hsien Kuo explicates, The dim lightings manifest the fanciful charms, in which the music excites and amuses customers meanwhile. Derived from the tarot <Cropped>

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Rocking Chair:ali Di Luna (moon’s Wings) by Stefania Vola

Stefania Vola Shares The Ali Di Luna (moon’s Wings) Rocking Chair

Stefania Vola, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Ali di luna (Moon’s Wings) Rocking Chair says, Rocking chair, shelter from the noise of the world to be soothed, the embrace of two dreamy wings. The formal research was designed to o <Cropped>

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Lights/Lumieres by Avni Sejpal

Avni Sejpal Discloses The Faceted Tactile Light Series Lights/Lumieres

Avni Sejpal, the author of the awarded design Faceted Tactile Light Series - Lights/ Lumieres by Avni Sejpal explicates, The Faceted Tactile Light is a tactile and sensory experience of using traditional materials such as brass, copper, bronze and s <Cropped>

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Sustainable Eyewear by Mai-Britt B. Seaton and Morten Seaton

Mai-Britt B. Seaton and Morten Seaton Reveals The Monkeyglasses Sustainable Eyewear

Mai-britt B. Seaton and Morten Seaton , the maker of the highlighted project Mai-britt B. Seaton and Morten Seaton 's MonkeyGlasses Sustainable Eyewear points out, MonkeyGlasses' eyewear have a Nordic look and takes pride in delivering a c <Cropped>

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Sameh Ibrahim Emam's Ice Keeper Ice Bucket

Sameh Ibrahim Emam Portrays The Ice Keeper Ice Bucket

Sameh Ibrahim Emam, the creative mind behind the award winning design Sameh Ibrahim Emam's Ice Keeper Ice bucket explains, Ice Keeper is an ice bucket shaped like hour glass containing the ice in the upper part and a small city in the lower part <Cropped>

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Magical Coat Rack by Yu Hiraoka

Yu Hiraoka Shares The Phantom Ii Magical Coat Rack

Yu Hiraoka , the thinktank behind the award winning design Magical Coat Rack by Yu Hiraoka explains, This is a coat rack with four wood hooks, one wood basement and a clear acrylic stick. Because of its clear stick, it creates an illusion that the p <Cropped>

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Cleaning Robot by Designershive Meiban International

Designershive Meiban International Shares The Snakey Cleaning Robot

Designershive Meiban International, the project leader of the award winning design Cleaning Robot:Snakey by Designershive Meiban International spells out, Everyone likes their home clean. It will be nice if something can help them while they are busy <Cropped>

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A White House by Liu Kai

Liu Kai Illustrates The a White House House

Liu Kai, the thinktank behind the awarded work Liu Kai's A White House House explicates, Liu Kai and Rigi designed this white 3-story residence in a common Shanghai old-style lane. There are plenty of similar buildings in Shanghai which is not n <Cropped>

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Veneza by Flávio Franco

Flávio Franco Demonstrates The Veneza Sideboard

Flávio Franco, the maker of the highlighted work Sideboard by Flávio Franco spells out, With its shape that resembles a Venetian gondola, the sideboard Veneza is a piece of geometric and unusual design. Straight and slim lines give it the appearanc <Cropped>

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