Wine by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Bonfire Wines Wine

The project leader of the displayed project Wine by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The wine market is experiencing a shift due to changes in product appeal as Millennial and Generation X consumers demonstrate their discerning taste. There is a new ap <Cropped>

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Tiny Turtle-Decorative Candle Holder by Elkan Nuri

Elkan Nuri Exhibits The Tiny Turtle Decorative Candle Holder

Elkan Nuri, the creator of the displayed project Decorative Candle Holder by Elkan Nuri explicates, Purity is the keyword of Turtle. It takes form from a piece of metal bended smartly. Candle has a place at the top of Turtle. Head is the grip point w <Cropped>

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Award Winning Delphi Sea Taxi

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Delphi Sea Taxi

The architect of the highlighted work Sea Taxi by Acclaimed Designer points out, Delphi is a contemporary transportation unit designed for sea-tours and short-middle distance sea-transportation. It can carry up to 32 passengers and lets them to have <Cropped>

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Sustainable Business Center by Vigneswar V S

Vigneswar V S Shows The Arcot Plaza Sustainable Business Center

Vigneswar V S, the project leader of the awarded design Arcot Plaza by Vigneswar V S explicates, Arcot Plaza is designed as a Sustainable Business Center. It offers world-class commercial spaces for its users on an affordable budget. Design Objective <Cropped>

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Vote For Your Favourite Green Product and Win a Prize

Our Jury Selected The Green Product Award and The Green Concept Award Winners. Now We Are Looking For Your Choice and Want to See Who Wins The Green Product Audience Award. You Can Decide!

Our jury selected the green product award and the green concept award winners. now we are looking for your choice and want to see who wins the green product audience award. you can decide!.

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Adina by Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon

Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon Creates The Adina Virtual Make Up

Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning ADINA Virtual Make up demonstrates, Virtual makeup products using image processing technology and augmented reality. Before any actual makeup, which is o <Cropped>

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Exhibition Presentation by Ton Wittebol

Ton Wittebol Spotlights The D=3 Sony Ise 2016 Amsterdam Exhibition Presentation

Ton Wittebol, the architect of the awarded design d=3 SONY ISE 2016 Amsterdam - Exhibition presentation by Ton Wittebol says, As a succession to the previous designs Sony asked for another "wow" experience. Sony participates at ISE to pr <Cropped>

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Bottle Opener by Jan Schmitt

Jan Schmitt Designs The Circus Bottle Opener

Jan Schmitt, the lead designer of the highlighted work Circus - Bottle Opener by Jan Schmitt points out, Circus is a deformed 1mm stainless steel sheet. The design is simple and as reduced as conceivable. There is no front and no back, no top and no <Cropped>

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Office by Andrew Bromberg

Andrew Bromberg Demonstrates The Sandscrawler Office

Andrew Bromberg, the project leader of the highlighted design Award Winning Sandscrawler Office illustrates, As a regional headquarters for a major entertainment-related company, the project is distinguished from just an office building. Fulfilling t <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Lesser Fullness Design

Lesser Fullness Design Spotlights The Silver Salt Corporate Identity

Lesser Fullness Design, the architect of the awarded project Silver Salt by Lesser Fullness Design spells out, Silver Salt is a brand identification project, which accomplished by Lesser Fullness Design in March 2015. The designer was assigned the ta <Cropped>

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