Cuff Bracelet by Laleh Safarzadeh

Laleh Safarzadeh Illustrates The Interlace Pattern Cuff Bracelet

Laleh Safarzadeh, the maker of the award winning work Cuff Bracelet by Laleh Safarzadeh illustrates, This elegant cuff bracelet is an artistic presentation, inspired by the Islamic interlace pattern. The Islamic interlace patterns are combination of <Cropped>

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Campaign and Branding Design by Yu Feng

Yu Feng Presents The B-U Campaign and Branding Design

Yu Feng , the thinktank behind the award winning design Yu Feng 's B-U Campaign and Branding Design points out, B-U is an awareness campaign composed by logo, posters, mail-outs, banner, and website. Created by Yu Feng, the concept is to encour <Cropped>

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Bus Station by Evgeniy Ivaschenko

Evgeniy Ivaschenko Presents The Shell Bus Station

EVGENIY IVASCHENKO, the author of the displayed work Award Winning SHELL Bus station says, This design project (Shell) - bus stop, developed by designer Evgeniy Ivashchenko, which combined to in this project: symbols (Circle (completeness) centric (p <Cropped>

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Lobby by Yiming Li

Yiming Li Exhibits The Pine Lobby

Yiming Li, the designer of the displayed design Lobby:Pine by Yiming Li illustrates, Mirror stainless steel is adopted to decorate the columns and beams to welcome-pine sculpture shapes. It creates modern art atmosphere into the lobby . The floor is <Cropped>

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Award Winning Lynx Club Business & Beauty Spa&beauty

Gurleva Marina Creates The Lynx Club Business & Beauty Spa&beauty

Gurleva Marina, the designer of the displayed project LYNX CLUB Business & Beauty by Gurleva Marina illustrates, The complex consisting of three floors. An interior the first and second floors in space style. Consisting of a lobby and five hall <Cropped>

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Click Collection-Lvt Design Floor Covering by Marco Knop

Marco Knop Creates The Click Collection Lvt Design Floor Covering

Marco Knop, the maker of the highlighted project Marco Knop's Click Collection LVT design floor covering illustrates, The new interlocking system of the CLICK COLLECTION allows a fast and easy installation without adhesive. Furthermore, the regi <Cropped>

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Umpqua Bank Spokane Main by Mccall Design Group

Mccall Design Group Discloses The Umpqua Bank Spokane Main Retail Store

McCall Design Group, the creator of the awarded project Award Winning Umpqua Bank Spokane Main Retail Store points out, This flagship retail store in historic downtown Spokane, WA offers a destination for visitors and a hub for the community. The sto <Cropped>

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Delonghi Design Your Breakfast

New Idea Contest On De’longhi Invites You to Suggest New Concepts For Small Appliances Designed For The Preparation of’longhi Design Your Breakfast-International Call For Entries New Idea Contest On De’longh

New idea contest on de’longhi invites you to suggest new concepts for small appliances designed for the preparation of breakfast.De’longhi design your breakfast - international call for entries new idea contest on de’ <Cropped>

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Recessed Lighting Fixture by Igor Lobanov

Igor Lobanov Discloses The Dark Side Recessed Lighting Fixture

Igor Lobanov, the maker of the awarded project Dark Side by Igor Lobanov explicates, Dark Side is a space-inspired range of seamless recessed luminaires made of gypsum and concrete. Turning on the light gives an extra feeling of spherical volume for <Cropped>

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Interchangeable Cover Frame:glasses Plus by Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng

Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng Discloses The Glasses Plus Interchangeable Cover Frame

Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng, the author of the awarded project Interchangeable Cover Frame by Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng explains, The Glasses Plus is designed for people who regard each single accessory, for example, glasses as one important se <Cropped>

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