Timeless "black and White" by Arosha Rosenberger

Arosha Rosenberger Presents The Timeless "black and White" Collection

Arosha Rosenberger, the creator of the awarded work Arosha Rosenberger's Timeless "Black and White" Collection points out, The exclusive fashion label "Tuschimo" with the designer Arosha Rosenberger focuses not only on high-e <Cropped>

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Bathroom Cabinet by Kemal Yıldırım

Kemal Yıldırım Spotlights The Mybath Bathroom Cabinet

Kemal Yıldırım, the architect of the highlighted work MYBath by Kemal Yıldırım illustrates, The MYBath bathroom cabinet was designed due to the difficulties experienced by children when using bathroom cabinets. The MYBath has a movable step t <Cropped>

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Nomad-Identity Design by Augustinas and Domas

Augustinas and Domas Demonstrates The Nomad Identity Design

Augustinas and Domas , the project leader of the displayed work Identity design:Nomad by Augustinas and Domas spells out, They are travellers who believe that mobility is the most efficient strategy for exploit- ing resources. Nomads are especially r <Cropped>

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Blue by Sayoko Shibuya

Sayoko Shibuya Spotlights The Blue Lamp

SAYOKO SHIBUYA, the maker of the award winning project lamp by SAYOKO SHIBUYA says, Air is a substance, which only becomes visible to the human eye underwater. Exploring the concepts of ‘air’ and ‘water’ inspired the use of acrylic for lighti <Cropped>

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Sales Center:tianjin Vanke Jade Avenue by Ldpi China Branch

Ldpi China Branch Illustrates The Tianjin Vanke Jade Avenue Sales Center

LDPi China Branch, the thinktank behind the award winning design Sales Center by LDPi China Branch explicates, Yet small with its two entrances and three distinct layers of arches that differ by depth, height and width, the Tianjin Vanke Jade Avenue <Cropped>

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Jinkia Initiative Shelter Competition

This Is a Competition to Help House Internal Refugees. The Challenge Is to Design Innovative, Bold, Simple and Culturally Appropriate Design Using Locally Available Materials.intervention New Designs/Constructions That Are Innovative, Bold, Affordable

This is a competition to help house internal refugees. the challenge is to design innovative, bold, simple and culturally appropriate design using locally available materials.Intervention new designs/constructions that are innovative, bold, afford <Cropped>

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Corporate Design by Georg Illy

Georg Illy Presents The Auer Signal Corporate Design

Georg Illy, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Auer Signal by Georg Illy demonstrates, Auer Signal is one of the biggest producers of high-quality signalling equipment. The former design did not reflect this quality. So a minimalistic visua <Cropped>

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Little Star by Zuzana Mantel

Zuzana Mantel Spotlights The Little Star Glass Mosaics Light Object

Zuzana Mantel, the designer of the awarded design Little Star - Glass mosaics light object by Zuzana Mantel says, Design is inspired by rays of light of star in night sky, cycle SPACE/Comet. Source of ideas come from Quantum physics, space, astron <Cropped>

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Enzyme Packaging:jianzile Enzyme by Kumu-Yu Guang and Tong Ya Nan

Kumu-Yu Guang and Tong Ya Nan Reveals The Jianzile Enzyme Enzyme Packaging

Kumu - Yu Guang and Tong Ya Nan, the architect of the displayed project Enzyme packaging by Kumu - Yu Guang and Tong Ya Nan spells out, Design Name is Jianzile  Enzyme. With the history of enzyme production for more than a couple of decades, Jianle <Cropped>

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Cinema by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Discloses The Wuhan Insun International Cineplex Cinema

One Plus Partnership Limited, the maker of the highlighted design Cinema by One Plus Partnership Limited points out, The designers adopted traditional film editing as the theme of this design. A lot of lightboxes are hung throughout the cinema. The <Cropped>

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