Caffeteria and Shop by Studio 8 1/2

Studio 8 1/2 Exhibits The Croatoan Cafeteria Caffeteria and Shop

Studio 8 1/2, the lead designer of the awarded design Studio 8 1/2's Croatoan Cafeteria Caffeteria and shop illustrates, Croatoan is a newly opened cafeteria and coffee store in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, located on the ground level of exist <Cropped>

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Teorema 2.0 80 by Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r

Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r Shows The Teorema 2.0 80 Wash Basin

Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r, the project leader of the award winning project Wash basin:Teorema 2.0 80 by Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r explains, Teorema 2.0 is a large-size wash basin with a slim core. The wide bowl offers <Cropped>

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Avenue Pitch Pack by Studio Standard

Studio Standard Discloses The Avenue Pitch Pack Proposal Presentation Document

Studio Standard, the architect of the awarded work Proposal Presentation Document by Studio Standard illustrates, The Avenue Pitch Pack includes both the Avenue Proposal and the Avenue Portfolio as well as other resources you to cover your client i <Cropped>

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Koron-Sofa by Reza Salianeh and Hamid Packseresht

Reza Salianeh and Hamid Packseresht Spotlights The Koron Sofa

Reza Salianeh and Hamid Packseresht, the creator of the awarded design Sofa by Reza Salianeh and Hamid Packseresht illustrates, Through conducting a research on approximately most of Iranian instruments, and analyzing their forms, especially Taar, th <Cropped>

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Yicca 2020-International Contest of Contemporary Art

Yicca Contest Is a Huge Chance For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize and Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Submitted Works in An Art Gallery in Milan.the Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The Intern

Yicca contest is a huge chance for the artists, which can win a cash prize and have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery in milan.The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the i <Cropped>

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Medical Building:weihai Hospital by Gla-Design

Gla-Design Exhibits The Weihai Hospital Medical Building

GLA-Design, the designer of the award winning work Weihai Hospital - Medical Building by GLA-Design points out, Weihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is situated in a coastal pinus thunbergii forest in the East New Town of Weihai near the s <Cropped>

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Residential Development by Evolution Design

Evolution Design Shows The K.i.s.s. Residential Development Residential Development

Evolution Design, the thinktank behind the displayed project Evolution Design's K.I.S.S. Residential Development Residential Development explicates, K.I.S.S. is a residential development in Zurich, Switzerland with 46 maisonettes that are very <Cropped>

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Gretchen-Anne-Christin Schmitt 's Ebony Two Loop Bag

Gretchen-Anne-Christin Schmitt Demonstrates The Ebony Two Loop Bag

Gretchen - Anne-Christin Schmitt , the architect of the highlighted design Ebony Two by Gretchen - Anne-Christin Schmitt illustrates, Gretchen's Ebony Loop Bag is a chic accessory that will be loved forever. It is inspired by the 60s and organic <Cropped>

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A Set of Ruler Designed For Children:rounded Ruler by Huang Kaiqi and Lv Jiachun

Huang Kaiqi and Lv Jiachun Illustrates The Rounded Ruler a Set of Ruler Designed For Children

Huang Kaiqi and Lv Jiachun, the thinktank behind the awarded work ROUNDED RULER by Huang Kaiqi and Lv Jiachun spells out, Rounded ruler is a set of ruler designed for children. With specific design, it is aimed at removing the hidden danger of existi <Cropped>

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Ila'l Amam Type Family-Typography by Sara Mansour

Sara Mansour Shares The Ila'l Amam Type Family Typography

Sara Mansour, the lead designer of the displayed design Ila'l Amam Type Family - Typography by Sara Mansour says, “Ila’l Amam” is an Arabic type family developed from a mixture of the first display types ever created – Fat Faces, as we <Cropped>

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